The Integrated Design Lab and the projects it has consulted on have been featured in many national and local publications including...

The Columbian: "Energy savings study targets local hospital" by Aaron Corvin, 03 October 2011.

Advanced Lighting Guidelines Online: "Daylighting with Christopher Meek" September 2011.

Eco-Structure: "Viewpoints" by Katie Weeks, July/August 2011.

Seattle Times: "Newest Medical Centers, ‘not your father’s hospital’" by Carol Ostrom, 31 May 2011.

Eco-Structure: "The Road to Recovery" by Katie Weeks, July/August 2010.

Puget Sound Business Journal: "Health Care of the Future" by Brad Broberg, 23 April 2010.

Architectural Lighting Magazine: "The Pursuit of Passion" by Hannah McCann, 01 May 2009.

The Architect's Newspaper: "Au Naturel" by Aaron Seward, Issue 09, 24 May 2006.

The Wall Street Journal: "Daylight Savings" by Christina S.N. Lewis, 24 March 2006, page W10.

Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce: "Lighting the way to energy savings" by Dipika Kohli, 07 Dec 2004.

Buildings: "The Deliberation on Daylighting" by Leah B. Garris, April 2004.

The New York Times: "Beyond the Bulbs: In Praise of Natural Light" by Brian Libby, 17 June 2003.

Metropolis: "Sky Lab" by Brian Libby, May 2003.

Articles written by lab staff:

LD+A: "A Guide to Daylighting Success" by Christopher Meek and Kevin van den Wymelenberg, September 2011.

Healthcare Design: "One step closer to radical energy reduction in hospitals" by Heather Burpee and Duncan Griffin, NBBJ, December 2010.

AIA Seattle Forum: "Healing the Hospital: Energy use and indoor air quality in American and Scandinavian hospitals" by Heather Burpee and Mike Weller, Winter 2009/2010.

AIA Seattle Forum: " A Dose of Daylight: Capturing the human response to natural light in workplace and healthcare settings" by Joel Loveland and Heather Burpee, Winter 2009/2010.

Facility Care: "Evaluating Energy Use in Hospitals" by Heather Burpee with Mike Weller, October 2009.

Mahlum Architects Healthcare Design Insights: "History of Healthcare Architecture" by Heather Burpee, Autumn 2009.

Mahlum Architects Healthcare Design Insights: "Daylighting" by Heather Burpee, Autumn 2009.

NWCurrent: Northwest Energy News + Analysis: "Guest Commentary: A case for commissioning" by Christopher Meek, 30 Jan 2006.

Athletic Business: "Sky's the Limit" by Joel Loveland and Christopher Meek, December 2005.

Northwest Public Health: "More Daylight Means Healthier Environments" by Joel Loveland, Spring/Summer 2005.

LD+A: "Daylight by Design" by Joel Loveland, October 2003.

Intelligent Glass Solutions: "Refining the window: the story of daylight" by Joel Loveland, Issue 1, 2003.

Environmental Design + Construction: "Daylighting and Sustainability" by Joel Loveland, Sept/Oct 2002.

American Solar Energy Society Conference Proceedings: "The Arrogance of Electric Light" by Joel Loveland and Marietta Millet, 1998.

Right Light Conference Proceedings: "Teaching Light: Its Importance in Architectural Education" by Marietta Millet and Joel Loveland, Volume 2, 1997.

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